Cherry Blossoms: Tidal Basin, Washington, DC.

Corrigan had a doctor’s appointment in DC yesterday, and when we learned that the warm weather had pushed up the peak bloom date of the cherry blossoms for this week, we decided we needed to see them in person.  We didn’t want the oldest to miss out on the fun so we let Connor miss a day of school and all headed down to the Tidal Basin.

The weather forecast predicted some sun and near 80 degrees but instead were gifted with fog and depressing grey skies.  At least it didn’t rain!

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the day. The appointment went well and Corrigan is healthier than he has been in many months. However, due to our appointment time we found ourselves asking a very cranky three-year old to walk for miles (just the walk from the parking lot to the basin was long) during nap time. We couldn’t very well drive around DC for a few hours while he slept so we hoped for the best.

That didn’t work out so well.

It wasn’t the trip I envisioned but the boys got to see the blossoms for the first time, I got a few photos for my photo album (which isn’t true, I haven’t printed a photo in months) and we made some memories, even if we are still too close to the stressful time to appreciate them.

I’m just going to post the photos without much comment. There are twenty or so in this post so get your scroll finger ready…

Corrigan loved all of the steps at the Jefferson Memorial…

…and that 19 foot bronze statue certainly caught his attention!

We didn’t make it very far around the basin. In fact, we pretty much only made it from where we parked, to the Jefferson Memorial and that was it. Corrigan fussed, yelled and drug his feet most of the way, disturbing everyone that was trying to enjoy their visit and frustrating Mark and I to no end. You can’t tell from the photos above, at least I don’t think so, but we were all pretty much gritting our teeth through our smiles. Such is the life of a family with a preschooler, I suppose. He had a rough morning, including a blood draw from the port in his chest and he had to fast for at least 3 hours, it was a lot to ask of him. But it certainly wasn’t the picnic I packed for. No really, I packed a picnic lunch and we ate it hours later, at a rest stop along the interstate. C’est la vie.

Some outtakes that more honestly depict the time we had…

Captioned so that you get a better feel…

Ha ha! Laugh or cry- which do you do? Today I laugh. All of our memories can’t be perfect ones.  At least we got out and tried something new!

It’s been twenty years since I’ve seen the Cherry Blossoms. They were almost as pretty as I remember them…I hope one day you get to visit and see them too.

We do not remember days; we remember moments. ~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand

6 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms: Tidal Basin, Washington, DC.

  1. Mother always said, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”(Robert Burns)when things didn’t go as planned
    Hate to hear that such beautiful visit was cut short. There will be other times, trust me.The pics were special. Love Dad


  2. Love your pictures! The captions were so funny:) You’re probably right, that’s life with a preschooler! Mine’s three, and I always say he’s 3 going on 13!


  3. Yeah, it looked good for about two hours and then by the end the humidity was winning. Lucky accident, it hasn’t looked like not once since. ha!


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