Sick Saturday…and Sunday…and Monday…

Corrigan had a solid month of good health, not a single runny nose or episode of vomiting, and then he woke up on Saturday with a full-blown cold. By Saturday evening he was choking on phlegm and throwing up. Today he is hoarse and has a telltale stridor.  He got himself stuck under Connor’s bed while trying to fish out a toy and he was stuck for longer than he would have been if I could have heard his cries.  He hardly has any voice and when he cries out it makes little sound.

I think my sweet boy clearly has croup.  Ugh. Just what we need, a kid that already has anxiety about swallowing due to unknown issues, and now we are back to having his airway obstructed with junk and causing him more anxiety.

If you have any tips on how to help with a mild croup, will you let me know?  We are doing well with hot, steamy showers with a light eucalyptus oil in the bath but anything else help with breaking up the junk and helping him recover more quickly? (steroids are typically a big no-no for Corrigan’s disorder)

***update*** Wednesday March 28, 2012

The pediatrician confirmed that Corrigan has croup.  With permissions from his metabolic team, he was prescribed an inhaled steroid and nebulizer.  Systemic steroids are typically not recommended for children with Urea Cycle Disorders but inhaled steroids affect only the tissue, not the blood stream, and are safe with close observation and limited use. This is according to our team, specific to Corrigan. Check with your own doctors before use.

We have found that Corrigan is doing well though with just inhaled saline though.  We did try one dose of steroids and an hour later he woke from a dead sleep to scream at no one specific for thirty minutes.  Weird.

Monday night was his worst night, lots of violent coughing and vomiting (thank goodness for mattress protectors!) and while last night was still punctuated by frequent, hard coughing spells, there was no vomiting and his runny nose seems to be completely gone.  He woke today (Wednesday) in a terrible mood, is holding his g-tube and whining a lot (I can’t find anything wrong) but hasn’t coughed much since he has been up and moving. The pediatrician said we should be on the way to better health today and I think that is true. He sounds terrible but the barking sound is nearly gone.  Thanks for your advice, emails and prayers!


3 thoughts on “Sick Saturday…and Sunday…and Monday…

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever left a comment, but I think Corrigan is so sweet and pray for him often. One of my Preemie twins just got over croup. We ran a warm mist humidifier while he slept, which helped some. But what really did the trick when he was having a really hard time was standing in front of the open freezer. I’d wrap him in a blanket and let him breathe in the cold air for about 10 minutes. It shrinks the swollen airways. Worked wonders! I hope he feels better soon.


    • Thank you Lora, for leaving me great advice! I’ve heard the shocking cold, followed by steam works, we had a rough night and he doesn’t seem a bit better today, in fact he seems a wee bit worse. The temps here dropped to 39 so we are probably going to try the freezer, or go out on the deck and then back inside to the shower and see if it helps. Thanks again for commenting. and most of all, for praying for him! That is so sweet of you, thank you. Stop by anytime!


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