3 april 2012

I use a few different measuring scales in my daily care of Corrigan. I weigh out all of the food that goes into his body, every component of his metabolic formula mixture and once a week I weigh out his medicine.

After years of weighing things, I like to play a silly little game and see if I can nail the exact measurement on the first try. One of his doses is 4.7 grams per bottle. I know almost exactly how much powder to put on the spoon to get 4.7 grams and I can do it with several different weighted powders too.

I am a dork.

I am also quite accurate.

3 out of 7, baby. And another two were within .2 grams.  First try.

I may also do a weird little victory dance when I nail it.

Oh the things we do to keep things interesting.

6 thoughts on “3 april 2012

  1. I do silly things like that. So does Tiger Wood when he sinks a key putt, or a pro receiver does a little dance when he makes a great catch. I do when I toss something at the wastebasket or flip a pancake with the skillet, a perfect cast with a dry fly, when I get the final question right on Jeopardy when the contestants don’t.

    You’re not the only dork out there.


  2. They have a segment on the local Country station during which they solicite ” Simple Pleasures” . I think this could fall into that category.


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