Easter recap: 2012

I managed to shake my negative mood by the time Easter Sunday rolled around and we had a wonderful weekend!  Resurrection Sunday is the holiday I most cherish and my sadness over Corrigan’s delays seems so silly when I think of how God felt watching His Son suffer on the cross for me. (and for you too!)

So on Sunday we woke early, in good spirits, and headed out in our Sunday clothes.  Corrigan’s anxiety was apparent before we even got out of the door, but he did really well in the long run.

He looks worried, doesn’t he?

I guess if I didn’t understand the words coming from people’s mouths, and my routine was changed, and all of the sudden I had to tuck my shirt into my pants I would be uneasy too.  Seriously, don’t ask me to tuck my shirt into my pants. I will die.

Daddy reassured him with lots of soft words and a sweet kiss…

(My boys are so lucky to have Mark for their Daddy)

Mark was passing a kidney stone all weekend (still is, I think) and yet he managed to put a smile on his face, head to church to praise his Lord, helped clean the house and cook dinner, and entertained company until the evening.  He is awesome.

You know how sure I was that church would be a bad experience with Corrigan? I am a great big liar and I am asking you to remind me of that fact every time I complain about something that Corrigan “can’t do” normally. I’d prefer if you added, “…pants on fire” when you call me out on my fibbing too. Thanks. (grin)

I had an idea late Saturday night. I know this sounds silly (but this is me we are talking about) but I always try to avoid tube feeding Corrigan in public.  I work our travels around feeding times and if I have to feed him while out, I will do it in the car. I just don’t deal well with the stares from strangers and it is one thing if they are simply curious, but when I see that look of pity in their eyes, it kills me.

However, I have been putting Corrigan’s backpack on with his pump a lot more frequently.  It started when we had to do continuous feeds a few weeks back, when he was so sick.  Even when he is not ill, his stomach is very slow to empty and that slow motility means that anything more than 4oz. at once will cause him to vomit.  If I run his feed over an hour, he handles it fine, and he doesn’t seem to mind the backpack much at all.  I noticed last week that each time I put on the pack, he would sit quietly and play with one single thing, or watch an entire movie, until I took the pack off. I do not know if it is because he doesn’t feel like running around with the pump on his back, or maybe the weight of it comforts him?  (I wonder if a weighted therapy vest could benefit him and help him focus?)

Annnnyyywayyy,  I decided I was going to time his feeds so that he wore his pump and pack in church.  Holy moly, it was like someone gave the kid a sedative!  Instead of being the worst behaved in the class, he was one of the best behaved.  I need to type that sentence again….he was one of the best behaved.

(photo from my cell)

He sat in his chair for almost 45 minutes before he even stood up once! And when he was up and moving around, he was not agitated, irritated or hyper at all! In fact, he was so well-behaved I was contemplating leaving him with the workers and heading out to hear the message but I didn’t have the nerve. I am the only one that understands his language and I worried that if his tubing got bumped and started leaking, or the pump started beeping, it might worry the teachers.

I didn’t get to hear a minute of the Word, but it was still an excellent Sunday morning in church!~

We came home and tore into Easter baskets and then Mark and I started cooking like maniacs for our mid-afternoon dinner.

(I’m going to make this kid a basket until he has his own kids. Maybe still then too?)

Corrigan was very curious when he saw his basket. I was shooting and not paying attention, but then I realized that he was signing to me that he wanted help opening it up. In the photo below, you can see he was imploring me with his signs of “more” and “please?”

He got a few coloring books, some more foam letters (because we  definitely need more of those) and a new blue race car that he calls his “cool car.”

but really….all he wanted was the “grass” from the baskets. What a fun mess.

Connor got plenty of candy, a new shirt and some doohickie, thing-a-ma-bob for working out. One of our spare bedrooms has been taken over by all of Mark’s old weight lifting stuff, and Connor has been hitting the weights daily for the last few months in preparation of Spring Soccer that starts tomorrow. He is absolutely going to refuse to visit me in the nursing home for posting this next shot, but the kid cracks me up and I love everything about this picture. I met his Daddy when his Daddy was barely out of his teens and he was just this goofy and it startles me how much Connor looks like his Dad here.

I’m sorry Connor- I love you- please don’t prank me in retaliation?!?!?!

Finally, I don’t speak much about my spiritual beliefs on the blog. The main reason is because I feel inadequate in my own deep knowledge, I need to study the Word more and hide it in my heart, so that I can be better prepared when given the opportunity to witness to others. I do want to make it clear that I love Jesus and I wholeheartedly want YOU to know more about Him and love Him too! I believe in a risen Savior and that because of that I have a life that will go on long after I leave this world. If you do not know Jesus, and I can help you in any way, please feel free to email me anytime.

John 11:25-26 KJV: “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

Thank you, Lord…for the fulfilled promises and for blessing me beyond measure in my life!

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