Super Hero Jet Pack: feeding pump fun

Corrigan no longer takes any of his medicated metabolic formula by mouth. He was still taking it by bottle up until a month or so ago, and though we knew he was far too old for a bottle  his dietitian encouraged us to keep doing whatever kept Corrigan using his mouth. Once he got super sick with one of his many colds in 2012, he was too congested to drink from his bottle and over the course of a few days that last bit of oral feeding was gone out the window for good.

This means that we utilize his feeding pump and backpack combination more frequently now and when out in public I get a lot of remarks from folks who wonder why I am making a little guy walk around with a backpack on his back. It can be easy to miss the tubing that comes out on his left side.  People ask if he is carrying really small books or something.  A few times we joked that it was his jet pack.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I saw a do-it-yourself craft on Pinterest that utilized empty soda bottles and some streamers to fashion a Halloween costume/imaginative-play jet pack. Check out the original idea HERE.

A cheap can of spray paint, some duct tape printed with flames and a strap salvaged from an old backpack turned a medical necessity into something fun for Corrigan!  Nothing but hot glue was used to assemble it all and the “tanks” (I used smaller water bottles for his tiny backpack instead of 2-liter bottles like in the original)  looked a little lonely so I hand drew some “Flammable” symbols since my printer is out of ink.

I knew my kid was a super hero, he just needed the accessories!

He managed to put a ding in one of the bottles already but that is okay. Sometimes a super hero’s equipment gets a little knocked around while saving the world. (wink)

I think we will wear the jet pack to his appointment in DC this week!

9 thoughts on “Super Hero Jet Pack: feeding pump fun

  1. what a fantastic idea!!!! Corrigan is so cute! my 8 year old Rafi is also “backpack dependent” from a mix of his short bowel syndrome, multiple severe food allergies, EE, and oral aversion. you can show him pics of Rafi if he wants to see another sweet boy with a tube! Best of luck to you. I will have to come up with something as creative as those jet packs!!!


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