Leap Into Spring: Blossoms/Trees

I only managed to get out once this week for the challenge. We had to make a run to D.C for Corrigan’s doctor appointment and then spent this morning in the Emergency Room because some of those Wednesday labs came back dangerously high (and one dangerously low) and they urged us to get our butts to the hospital ASAP for labs and observation.

Everything is fine, all of his local labs came back perfectly normal and aside from having to be stuck in his chest again and exposed to God-knows-what in that ER, it was not a horrible visit. Our local ER is staffed by an incredible group of people that genuinely care for Corrigan.  He isn’t afraid to be there and they are so kind to him.

We are off to Baltimore at the start of next week for a swallow study and checkup and to pick up my niece from the airport. Lots of travelling but thankfully Corrigan has been very healthy and these appointments are scheduled things, not crisis appointments!

If you want to participate in any of the remaining weeks of the challenge, please stop over at Alicia’s page for more details!

This is my only blossom/tree entry but one is all I need, right?

Next week’s prompt will be Rain/Water

Have a beautiful weekend!

5 thoughts on “Leap Into Spring: Blossoms/Trees

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