Happy 4th Birthday, Corrigan! ( 28 may 2012 )

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. You are four years old today and growing up so quickly! I remember when you were first diagnosed with your disorder and your Daddy and I didn’t know if we would have you here with us very long, yet here you are, thriving and bringing such joy to our lives! You are a big, bright light in this family and Connor, Daddy and I don’t know how we ever lived without you.

You’ve had a big year. You started school and have done very well. It is such a blessing that you love school as much as you do, asking every single day to get on the bus, and that you are surrounded by teachers that care so much for you.  It has been such a wonderful thing to watch you spread your wings.

You had a couple of hospitalizations this year but your maturity was so evident when you slept in a regular hospital bed, rather than the baby crib/cage, without any issues and were such a champ during those long tedious days hooked up to wires and tubes. It was sad to see you unwell, but I very much enjoyed that time with you, just the two of us. We snuggled, we napped and we played on that little rectangle of mattress. You could have made it horrible, and who could have blamed you, but the fears I had about managing you in the hospital never materialized.  Instead you made it nearly enjoyable, as enjoyable a hospitalization can be, and I was so proud of how well you handled it all.  You are such a brave kid, Corrigan. I admire you.  Truly, I do.

I hope that this next year brings you so much happiness and is full of good health and smiles. After all you have been through in these last four years, you could use a spectacular year but I know that no matter what life throws at you, you will still be smiling, still be making music and still bringing us joy in ways we could never describe.

Happy Birthday Corrigan.

Daddy, Mommy and Connor love you SO much.

A quick look back over the last 12 months of your life…

and finally…we had his birthday party a day early (Sunday) and it was a wonderful afternoon with friends and family. Grandma requested this shot, using his birthday crown sent home from school.  He asked to go to bed an hour earlier than usual, he was worn out from partying so hard.  A sweet final photo of his third year of life…now onto all of the glorious fun of four-years old!

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

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