more front porch memories: 9 june 2012

We have lived here a little over a year and I have just this weekend discovered the magic of my front porch.  On hands and knees we scrubbed it clean, added tons of plants for coziness and we now spend a lot of time out there as a family.

The bubble machine that Corrigan got for his 3rd birthday is still getting tons of use, in fact it is one of those things in my house, much like my steam mop, that if it broke today, I would purposely go out and buy a new one tonight.

Loving on his Grandma….

The light is beautiful out there around 7 pm each evening and I imagine there will be many more porch photos in the coming months.

Oh! and what a surprise it was to find the sweetest little pocket for photos in the most obvious place. Here, let me show you…

This is the magical new place I discovered to take photos…

As you can see, Corrigan was a little anxious, I had never sat him on the ledge before but LOOK AT THAT BACKGROUND!! LOOK AT THAT BOKEH!!! (using my 50mm lens here) just LOOK at the spot I have missed for 15 months!!!

Where is it? Um, just right in front of my face.

At the end of the porch where the foliage is quite wild!

I set my aperture as wide as it would go, in this case 1.8, to achieve that creamy background and voila!

These are all just sharpened for the web, nothing else done to them. Obviously, I should have white balanced, his arms are a bit blue and a reflector wouldn’t hurt but I have MAGIC HERE, people!

I lightened one up a bit, in case the darker green isn’t as appealing…

Being bashful…

He didn’t want to smile, no matter how much craziness we were pulling behind the camera, so big brother jumped in to “help”.

Wait, that isn’t “helping”…

By the way, when did my oldest turn into a man?

Okay, so back to the impossible job of getting Corrigan to smile.

Grandma trying to make him smile on my left…

and finally, a great shot where he was laughing at Connor..

What a cutie!

Your comments are appreciated!

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