11 june 2012

Took the boys to the lake this weekend.  Corrigan called it “wain” at the “wake” and kept signing “bath.”  ha.

I get all nostalgic every time we pull in to the Rocky Gap property.  I’ve been walking on those beaches for nearly 40 years now.  So many memories, so many sharp rocks on the bottom of that lake!

For reference, this is me and my Daddy around 1976 in nearly the same location that we sat yesterday.

I love it here…

The water was considerably warmer than the last time we were there in February. Remember when Connor jumped in the lake for Special Olympics?

He seemed in far less of a hurry to get out of the water this time around!~

I’d hoped that hanging out at the lake would be one of more money-saving pastimes this summer, but they are charging per person now and it isn’t cheap to get in. At least not to my budget. Too bad they don’t make a season pass for county residents, the park was obviously filled with out-of-towners, they could spread the love to the locals if they wanted to.  It was a nice afternoon though and maybe we can head back out once a month or so.

Stay happy!

2 thoughts on “11 june 2012

  1. Your dad is Burt Reynolds?! Right on! Love sharing our childhoods with our children… its such a great feeling! Lovely shots of your men, too! Xoxox


    • Burt Reynolds….ahahahahahahahahahahahaha I literally, hand-to-God, snorted and laughed when I read that. Man, I should break out the polyester-suit/butterfly collar photos then but Dad would kill me. Totally fly….


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