Summer Daze Photo Party: June 15, 2012

I am so behind today, I have been catching up on things from the moment my feet hit the floor.  I really want to participate in the Summer Daze Photo Party over at Project Alicia so I suppose this is better late than never!   I will post mine today, and visit all of the other participant’s entries tomorrow.

Here are my photos for this week’s Summer Daze Photo Party!

Time for trampoline fun again.  Did you know that sidewalk chalk works great on a dry trampoline?

Added some water in the form of a new sprinkler Corrigan received for his birthday last month…

Connor inflated the sprinkler ball by mouth, dragged out the hose for the first time this season, from way around the house, and hooked it all up for his little brother. Then, he hopped right in with us and got a little wet. Great kid.

I think they were both singing their hearts out in this one…or catching flies? Gaping at my wondrous camera skills? I dunno..

When we take Corrigan to swim, away from the house, we keep his tubie button covered up with a shirt, or rash guard. When we are just playing in our own backyard, we let him play bare-bellied and without restriction. He loves it.

I love this goofball…

Do you have some great summer photos you’d like to share?
The Summer Daze Fun Photo Party will run from June 15th – July 20th. Stop by and share your favorite summer images each Friday!

3 thoughts on “Summer Daze Photo Party: June 15, 2012

  1. I love it! I’m going to have to get my kiddos to try the chalk on their trampoline tomorrow! I’ve never thought of that… it would be great especially in cooler weather. I only say that because they usually have the trampoline soaked, just like you guys did, in warmer weather! Great photos! Have a great weekend!


    • Thanks Shannon! Pinterest taught me the trampoline/chalk trick. Works great but don’t get the chalk wet or you’ll end up with lumps like we did! lol. Hope you have a great weekend too!


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