summer school 2012

Corrigan might be the only kid on the planet that was unhappy with the end of the school year.  Each and every day, many many many times a day for the last two weeks, he asks “I go cool?  On bus?” and when I reply, “Not today, honey” he immediately starts screaming, “ROUND AND ROUND, ROUND AND ROUND” as if an angry rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus” will magically make one appear.

Thankfully, because of his special education needs, Corrigan was enrolled in a seven-week program in our county called Extended School Year (ESY).  This allows him to continue his therapies and work on his newly-minted IEP goals, in a school environment.  He definitely needs structure and routine, and this program will help preserve the skills he has learned throughout the school year, and maybe even build some new ones.

I was so nervous about his 1st day that I was wide-awake before 6am.  New school. New teachers. New routines. Worry, worry, worry.  I laid in bed, feeling my heart rate increase and my breathing get a bit faster and thought that rather than work on a panic attack, I would instead attack the stains on my couch, so yeah. I was scrubbing furniture at 6-something in the A.M.

My couch looks great.

All of my worries were unfounded, no big surprise there, as he couldn’t have cared less when I left the classroom and judging by the epic tantrum he had when the teacher brought him out to me for pick-up at noon (and another in the parking lot, and another right in the middle of the road as we crossed to get to our car) he was very happy in his new school and would have preferred if I would have packed up his entire life and moved him into the classroom permanently.

One more middle-of-the-busy street tantrum and I might consider it…

He goes four days a week this summer, which is an extra day more than he went last school year and he stays for about 40 minutes longer each day as well.  When school starts back up in the Fall he will attend five days a week but still only a half-day.

So far, so good.  Summer is going pretty well!

3 thoughts on “summer school 2012

  1. No, Corrigan is not the only “weird” kid missing school. On the last day of school I used to get off the bus, climb the hill to my house, crying hysterically because school was out. I loved school. Still love learning.


  2. last year was very difficult on william, this summer has been much better. I never though my child would be” like that” but yep he is b:). I remember friends who also have kids with special needs saying they needed to be in school for the routine. I thought secretely “not William” but guess what….yes, my william too. as I said he is doing better this summer but I know he will be so happy to get back to school in a routine. Our ESY doesnt fit his least restrictive env. so I bring him for speech twice a week.

    What state are you in?


    • We are in Maryland. ESY has been a great thing for Corrigan this year. They even took a field trip yesterday and he had so much fun. He is exhausted by noon, but it has been really good so far!


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