children at play

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a new coffee table.  Well, not new because it wouldn’t make much sense to buy something pristine with a tasmanian devil preschooler in the house. We scored a pretty sturdy, 30-year old coffee table for our den a few months back, something that came pre-made with scratches and dents and stress-less presence since it was obviously already damaged, and I instantly went from someone who thought coffee tables were a space sucker, to someone who can’t live without one.  The main living room is large and has two couches and now I realize it desperately needs a large coffee table to make it feel more cozy. Plus, you know, I need a place to sit my coffee while sitting by my fake, crackling “fire”.

Then, Corrigan’s birthday came along and we gave him a coffee-table sized “canyon” for his cars and while I meant for it to eventually find its way to Corrigan’s bedroom, I don’t really have the heart to move it because when the house is silent, and I peek around the corner from the kitchen to the living room, and I see him kneeling next to his canyon, making the strangest little car sounds and lost in his imagination, I realize I would miss spying on this sweetness so easily if it were upstairs in his room.

Who cares if it doesn’t match the furniture, or if there are no flat spots for my cup of coffee, this was the best $50.00 we have spent in a long, long time and there’s plenty of time for nice pieces of furniture when the kids grow up, right?

“Being at peace with what I have” is what I am working on, rather than focusing on the things that I don’t.   It really has been refreshing to turn all of my negative thoughts, into positives.  This old dog can learn new tricks.

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