4 thoughts on “Washington DC

  1. Mindy, I know the feeling. I worked in downtown DC for ten years, often in high adventure. That was 30 years ago and haven’t missed it once.


    • George, it just scrambles my brain down there. Especially driving. I can go into Baltimore by myself 100 times and never once get stressed, but put me in DC and suddenly my brain goes POOF! So many people on foot/bike is my biggest concern…they don’t pay attention and I nearly kill one every time I am there. They also think they own the crosswalks, regardless of the crosswalk signals or traffic lights. I’d really love to spend more time in specific areas of DC but with Corrigan it is too hard. He just doesn’t hold hands well enough, and doesn’t understand “stranger danger” either so he will grab strangers hands etc. Good to get out of my comfort zone, once in awhile, but I have had a neck-full of DC for awhile!


  2. Mindy, thank you SO much for your most encouraging comment on my blog. I love being able to connect with people like you who understand both the joys and struggles of special needs parenting. I didn’t know you were in MD! Where? My husband grew up in Burtonsville. I hope you have as great an experience at NIH as we did. Look forward to hearing about it!


    • We are out in the beautiful mountains of the Western part of the state. I am thankful to be within driving distance of places that care for Corrigan; like the NIH, Johns Hopkins and Children’s National Medical Center, but I very much prefer my life up here in the “mountains.” I love your blog. So much. Your family is precious and I love that you share all of your story…the good and bad. Thank you for stopping by!


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