Haircut Freak Out

Corrigan, if you ever look back on this stage of your life and wonder why Mommy had your hair cut like you were a boot camp recruit, please reference the following video…

( I should probably warn readers to turn down your speakers…bet you can’t last 7 seconds.)

(This is my life, people. Haircuts, doctor’s appointments, stores in the mall, church, Conferences…they are all exactly this much fun!)

I don’t know what has changed, you used to do relatively well in the salon but not any longer. The last attempt was so brutal I am pretty certain the stylist needed counseling when we left the building.

There isn’t enough anabolic steroids and nerve pills that would help me manage you in the midst of this kind of tantrum on my own. If your Daddy could barely contain your freak out, how could I? Instead,  I walk in yelling “slap a number three on those clippers and start shearing!”

Good thing you’re a cutie-pie no matter what!

Your comments are appreciated!

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