Back to School 2012

The summer went by far too quickly, it always does, but because Corrigan attended an extended-school program that had him in class all of the way through the first week of August, it hardly felt like a true summer break.  Connor had a summer free from school, but he had Spring soccer that bled into Summer and then had JV soccer conditioning through the remainder of the summer as well, so he didn’t have too much down time either.

I thought that Corrigan would be super happy to learn that he was heading back to preschool, and even held off telling him until fifteen minutes before the bus came thinking that if I told him the day before, I would spend 36 hours pulling a crying 4-year old away from the front door.  Instead, we told him and he became obviously anxious and no amount of Mommy or Daddy love could help him relax before his bus came.

He didn’t cry, but he was very stoic and tight-lipped.

(that face, my poor heart)

He knows the direction that the bus arrives, and spent the time cranking his neck to look up the road for Mr. Tom and the big yellow bus.

His sign for “good job” is two-thumbs up and when we told him that we knew he would do a good job in school, he managed to raise his little fists in confirmation but I don’t think he believed us.

It is going to be a great school year, Corrigan is going five days a week this time around and yesterday I got the call that he was accepted into an out-of-school Occupational and Speech Therapy program which will hopefully be a wonderful addition to the therapies he also receives in school.

Daddy was trying to cheer him up and almost got a smile out of him.

Cor will only be attending school for a half-day, mainly because he is still developmentally young and takes long afternoon naps but also because Mommy wasn’t ready to hand over his feeding pump and medicine to the school nurse just yet. His school is more than prepared to take care of my tube-fed little guy, but I’m not ready to hand over that responsibility. I will have no choice next year.   I know, I know….birds and nests and baby birds flying and all that but not yet. Nope. Not ready.

I was worried that when the bus pulled up in front of the house, he would refuse to walk and there would be a tantrum but he held tight to Daddy’s hand and walked up the steps on his own two legs.

A nice surprise is that his cousin is on the same bus, which means that bus is full of awesome.

I went looking for last year’s first day photo and forgot that he began his school year with long, floppy hair. Also, I must be drawn to putting Corrigan in royal blue on first day mornings. I love all three of my guys in blue!

what a difference a year makes!

August 2011
August 2012

His teacher said that he had a good first morning and he was reluctant to come home with me at pick-up, which is a great sign!

Happy New School Year!

4 thoughts on “Back to School 2012

    • Kate, I really think it is the haircut, he isn’t in any bigger size, his shoe size didn’t even change this year, but he has definitely thinned out!


  1. Your hair is soooo long! It looks gorgeous as do you! Love seeing Connor and Cor along with Mark. What a beautiful family you are blessed with. *hugs* Oh and i like the new blog layout! Very fresh and clean.


    • Steph, it’s been 2 years (this month) since I whacked it all for Locks of Love. It hasn’t seen a pair of scissors since, but it is kind of getting out of hand. I’m ready for something a little shorter (and less heavy on my scalp) but I am a chicken. lol Glad you like the new layout! I was ready for a change here too!


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