First high school soccer game of the season. (JV wins!)

Today was Connor’s first official soccer game of the school year and the JV team won!  I still cannot believe that Connor is already a sophomore. The weather forecast was ominous but the rain held off until nearly the end of the game. A few sprinkles didn’t dampen enthusiasm and I think that the boys looked pretty good out there. Connor, as usual, threw his entire body into the game and was an asset to his team while he was on the field. I am really looking forward to this season as the team becomes stronger and their confidence grows.

I always take a lot of photos at the first game and then usually don’t take anymore until Homecoming, so this post will be a bit photo heavy.

Connor is #11 this year…there he is out in the mix.

As a mom, watching these boys head the ball makes me cringe, I worry about the impact on their brains, but it is an effective move. Connor heads the ball a lot.  *cringe*…

Legs ‘a pumpin’ out there…

Can’t believe I caught the goal being scored…not sure which of his teammates scored but the crowd went wild…it was an amazing shot on goal and that player should be proud. It was not any of these boys in the shot that scored either, it came from way off camera-left, up and over the goalie. It was beautiful….

There’s my oldest, tall like his Mom and Dad…

See him out there scuffing up some turf?

Hot and heading to the locker room at half-time…

Almost left out my favorite shot! I told you that he really throws himself into the game. Good thing he feels no pain when in the middle of a game, both boys went up to head the ball, Connor’s skull was victorious. That’s some air…

You know I love my “now and then” shots…here is Connor during the 2011 season and then one from today. “Growing like a weed” is so fitting an expression for how quickly he has grown in the last 12 months…

I am not the best at creating GIF’s but here is some of the action…

Look who I found up in the stands…told you the sky was ominous!

Check out Corrigan in this “now and then” shot…Corrigan still loves to watch the crowd cheer!  Mark hasn’t changed a bit, except for the scowl. I think he was eyeballing the gajillion bees that were all over the stadium stands.  We don’t know if Corrigan is allergic, and were hoping not to find out today!

and just because I can’t believe we ever had his hair that long, one last “now and then”…he looks tired.  My little man deals with a lot of stuff, and he wears out easily, but he was happy to be cheering and hooting for Big Blue!

Good luck to the 2012 Allegany Campers Boys JV and Varsity soccer teams!!!!!!!

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