Down, down, down the field…Up, up, up the score!

Evenings at the stadium haven’t been this easy since I was in high school and I can hardly believe that we are able to walk up into the stands as a family and cheer Connor on without Corrigan melting down.  I have no idea what has changed, all I know is that for the third game in a row, I have been able to sit as long as I want and then go down next to the field and shoot as much as I want, and Corrigan is happy and not one single tantrum has been thrown!

He happily plays on the bleachers, or on the stairs and even runs up and down the ramp without needing me right beside him.  He sings and claps and is absolutely enamored with “the gools” (the cheerleaders; aka, “the girls”) and their routines.

At tonight’s game, the opposing team’s cheerleaders were spectacular citizens and gave my little boy so much love and attention.  I missed a lot of it while I was down from the stands taking photos, though I could hear them playing with him, teaching him to clap and stomp and at one point I turned around and saw one of the cheerleaders up and dancing with him.  They were sweethearts and I thanked them for their wonderful kindness. Corrigan was happier than I have seen him in ages.

No really, look….

That, my friends, is a real smile.  Not one that I coaxed out of him by tricking him into saying the letter “C” so that his mouth approximates a grin. (pathetic, right?)  This little boy was happy.

They let him hang around the entire game, and didn’t shy away from him when he chirped and flapped his hands.  They engaged him and he was hooked.

I could cry while typing this, most people find Corrigan a little “strange”, you know… and other kids shy away from him, but not tonight. Tonight the “big kids” have no idea how much they helped to soothe this Mama’s heart.

They have no idea the joy they brought my little boy…

Thank you, girls.

I know I am rooting for another color this season, but the Miners are champs in my book. Corrigan’s too…

But wait! How did Connor play?

LIKE. A. BOSS….(#11)

It is my absolute pleasure to watch him on the field this year.


9 thoughts on “Down, down, down the field…Up, up, up the score!

    • I was up at 3:30 am too, George. How strange. Are you feeling better today? Thanks for commenting, it is odd how good “normal” feels sometimes.


  1. “Strange” ? Nah I found him to be very normal when I first met him perhaps quiet but didn’t even know of his issues. And Connor I will always remember how he shook my hand as most grown men don’t. Nice family.


    • Well Harry, thank you! People gave Corrigan a lot more “leeway” with his behaviors when he was smaller and excused his behaviors as just toddler stuff. Now that he is older, and more “grown” his mannerisms stick out and it is all a bit more obvious. People don’t know how to react to him, but these girls didn’t blink. And you’re right, Connor is an awesome young man. He still shakes hands without prompting, great with kids and adults. I don’t know how I got so lucky.


  2. As Much as I liked the big wide open smile, I absolutely loved the “hey wait a minute” look. That was priceless as well. You should send one of those pics into the news paper with a little story so that you can publicly thank those girls. I loved the honest smiles of enjoyment on the girl’s faces. Bad deeds go reported all the times, good deeds go unnoticed more often then not. Although, your blog was an awesome tribute as well.


    • Yeah, that other look cracked me up too. I have others, but didn’t want to overload the post (and I was tired) but he just looks like the cat that ate the canary in last night’s photos. You’re right, teens don’t get enough credit for the good things they do anymore. I wonder who the cheerleader adviser is for Mt. Ridge? I can send them the photos and a nice note, at the very least. I doubt anyone from Mt Ridge reads this blog. I only get about 30 hits a day here, half from Facebook friends and half from across the ocean. lol


  3. Oh my what a “Tearjerker”! That was a true act of kindness. One that was prompted only by a general outpouring of goodness.God Bless those young ladies and please make every possible effort to get this to them.

    My what a change in Connors play. He does have that “take charge” attitude! Love you


    • someone sent the blog link to the school principal. His reply…

      “On behalf of the Mountain. Ridge community especially our cheerleaders, thank you for the very kind words and sharing Corrigan’s experience here at Mountain Ridge High School with us. I have passed on your email and your blog to our AD and our cheerleader advisor. It is always nice for any student or group to hear such praise for doing what comes naturally to them. I am sure the Mountain Ridge community and our cheerleaders will be honored to be a part of the past evening’s special experience for Corrigan and your family. Thank you, again.”


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