Family Journal: Appalachian Festival (Frostburg Bicentennial)

I was so excited that the weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Appalachian Festival in Frostburg, Maryland today!  The event was held to commemorate the city of Frostburg’s Bicentennial,  on the upper quad of my college alma mater, Frostburg State University.

It was startling how much things have changed since I took home my Bachelors degree in 1996, but it is a gorgeous campus and it is exciting to see new buildings being constructed for future generations. (*hint hint* Connor. Stay local, please? You don’t want to break your Mama’s heart by leaving, do you?)

Connor stayed home with a friend,  to hunt for 10lbs. of acorns for a school project, (what?!?!?) so we took the littlest Mooney up to enjoy some bluegrass music and get some fresh air.  Corrigan is a huge music fan, so I knew that this was going to be great fun for him, even if we were risking it by heading up when he normally takes a nap/feed.

I can’t tell you how amazing the musicians were at the event, my words would be insufficient.   I didn’t write down any group names, so I can’t identify anyone that we watched, but they were all top-notch.  Of course Corrigan had to stop at every single tent and musician location, and shook his tail feather.

(A new “quirk” of Corrigan’s is to plug his ears with his fingers. (see photo above) I tell people not to take offense, he is not offended by their sound, it is just one of those things he does at random times, that I cannot explain)

There was a beekeeper there, educating folks about bee population and Corrigan was enthralled with the bee display. He kept asking to go “see da bugs?” so we would go back to look for the queen again and again.

Corrigan was so happy to be surrounded by music and the crowd wasn’t so big that he couldn’t run around a little more freely than usual. He stayed close and always kept us in his sight, but he spread his wings a bit today, running around and exploring.

Hey look! I was there too…

some shots of my happy, silly boy…

I can’t explain this one, but I love the expression…

My snaggle-toothed, goofy little man…I’ll be sad when that double tooth on the bottom falls out one day 😦

As we were leaving, we came across an Appalachian Dance class and Corrigan had to join in. He was so enthusiastic, though his shuffle-foot needs some work, but I give him an “A” for effort. I was exhausted just watching him…

Another nice day out, instead of stuck in the house avoiding public places, it feels amazing to be out and about, making memories! Thank you, Frostburg and HAPPY 200th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Family Journal: Appalachian Festival (Frostburg Bicentennial)

  1.…LOVE seeing all those smiles! Can’t wait to give my lil buddy a BIG OLE HUG in a few days! Btw, that’s a great,SASSY pic of you! Love ya’s!


  2. Dear Mindy,

    I read all your emails and look at all your good photos. These are not the best of times for me to try to do them justice by a long reply. I’ll be in rehab through 9/27, and soon after that, I’ll do you a nice long reply. It’s a little awkward at present.

    I went to Frostburg State, too.

    More later,

    Love, George


    • Take it easy, George. Pneumonia is no joke. I’m glad you got my email, please know that I think of you often and am keeping you in my prayers. I look forward to your recovery and some more wonderful stories in my inbox very soon! (hugs)


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