October 1, 2012: “Mom brag”

Have you ever talked to your child’s teacher and they tell you such amazing things about your kid that you turn around to make sure they aren’t speaking to someone behind you?


It seems that my littlest man is having a rather excellent school year (one with zero absences too, booyah!) and I am thrilled for him.  He really loves school, you’ve never seen anyone happier than Corrigan waiting on his school bus to arrive, even on a dreary Monday morning, and it is such a blessing.

Today he brought home this amazing news…

and I had to immediately hang it up on my “Corrigan door” and also on my digital “door” here on the blog as well.

I love Preschool art, and it is hard to save all of it, but my favorite pieces have a place right there on the outside of my pantry door.  This is the first “accolade” that little C has ever received.  He is pretty proud of himself, though he likely has no idea what it all means, he is just loving the attention and the big bear hugs he got when he walked in the door.


PS, you know I keep it “even” and Big C has his own door as well.  Minus the macaroni art, but filled instead with honor roll articles from the newspaper.  Straight A’s so far again this year, his lowest “A” in the 96% range-he gets plenty of bear hugs too.

My boys are both so amazing, in totally different ways. I was never a cheerleader in high school, but I love that role as a mom.  This blog is my megaphone, thanks for humoring me!

6 thoughts on “October 1, 2012: “Mom brag”

  1. I have always been a huge supporter of Corrigan. I will always be in his corner. One of these days,Lord willing, I will proudly exclaim those four words that I’m biting my tongue not to say right now. The time isn’t quite right. So Daughter, you just go ahead, brag all you want. You have every right in world to do that. I’ll just set back and “grin ear to ear” with pride. Love Dad.


    • Dad, I know what you are dying to say and I also know you’ve been the one, all along, telling us to just wait and see what Corrigan is going to do in this world. He has no idea how lucky he is to have PapPap in his corner! The day you say those 4 little words is the day I know we’ve made it. Not afraid of the hard work to get there, and Corrigan can do it!


  2. it is very great to hear that your little man is doing great:) it makes me very happy to know that he loves school and is doing very well. Thank you for showing us moms that no matter what we should keep our heads up and see how great the little ones can be.


    • Thank you Gabriela! How have you been? Are you back into the swing of the Fall school semester? I bet Emmanuel is watching from heaven and cheering his mommy on!


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