Family Journal: Springs Folk Festival

This was our only free weekend to head out to a local fall festival, and we had plenty to choose from.  We picked the one in Springs, Pa. because part of it is in the woods and Corrigan enjoys being among the trees. Last year we made it to this same festival and Corrigan’s anxiety made for a very very very stressful afternoon.

He did have one meltdown this year, but overall we saw much more improvement, though we are desperate for tips on teaching him how to move out of the way of other people.  He does a lot of skipping, twirling and generally moving in an erratic manner, which makes him quite the tripping obstacle for people in crowded situations.  I must have said, “Corrigan, please watch out” or “Corrigan, please say “excuse me”  a hundred times in a few hours. I’d like to give him some freedom from holding our hands, he never ventures more than a few feet from us, but he absolutely has no idea how his movements impact others.

It was a freezing cold day (with 15 mph winds and rain!) which was a big difference from the summer-like temps of last year.  It is always a guessing game with our weather this time of year.  Heck, sometimes we are sweating on Halloween and other times we have on snow boots.

Photo memories…

I think it is pretty clear that Corrigan isn’t the one that has changed the most this past year. Yowza!

4 thoughts on “Family Journal: Springs Folk Festival

  1. All your Men have changed over the last year. Next year I predict that Connor will have another lady on the other arm. Prepare yourself Mom. Love Dad


  2. I’m happy to hear that you are still hanging in there. It must be a constant worry to keep Corrigan healthy. Please don’t let Conner get lost in the shuffle. For the past 3 years I’ve been working on a Personnal Health Record call HealthSquire(TM) which runs on a memory stick (USB flashdrive). When it is commercially available I’ll send you 4 copies for you and your family. All the best and hang in there!


    • We never let Connor get lost in the shuffle, just because you don’t see him on the blog as much, it is not indicative of such a thing. He has asked us to keep his blog presence at a minimum (he is a teenager, you know) and I ask his permission to post the photos and stories that I do about him.


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