unintentional potty humor

Because of Corrigan’s speech delays, and much like a 13-month old figuring out how to properly form words, his pronunciation attempts are often interesting, to say the least.  And oftentimes, super embarrassing.  He spent 7 months pronouncing “strawberries” (his favorite fruit and one of only three things he will eat) as “ah-ginas” but now thankfully pronounces them as “johnnies.”

Imagine Corrigan walking through the store, holding a box of strawberries and happily singing,” ah-ginas, ah-ginas, I want ah-ginas, pwease?”

Sweet Mother-of-Pearl, “johnnies” is soooooooooooo much better.

We have had his hearing evaluated twice and there doesn’t seem to be an issue in that regard but I sometimes think we might need a third opinion.  He often gets the first syllable of his words completely wrong, not even close actually, and it confuses me as to why this is.

His newest mispronunciation is another one that causes red cheeks and hiding behind my hair and also one that he uses dozens of times a day because 1) we live less than 1/4 mile from the fire station and 2) he is absolutely enamored with anything related to rescue vehicles so he almost always has a toy version in his hand, or nearby.

While we are always thrilled when Corrigan learns a new word, hearing him yelling  ” Ah- FARTED!” “Ah-FARTED!” ( “a firetruck!”   “a firetruck!” ) every time one races by the house, is a bit mortifying.   Or when he sees one in a book at the library.  Or on the shelf in toy aisle.  Or at a public Fall Festival. And because they are pretty much his favorite thing in the world right now, he is overly-enthusiastic when he says it…loudly and repeatedly.   (Please tell me there isn’t a PreK trip to the Fire Department this year?)


hahahahahahaha. Oh, who am I kidding? I lied.   It the the funniest thing in the world.

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