Dress up Day and Sensory issues.

Corrigan’s school is having a “Fall Dress-up Day” on October 31 and I was clueless as to what he might be willing to wear. He will not wear hard things on his body, molded plastic or crinkly fabrics are out of the question, and if he feels restricted in any way he will meltdown, so that rules out any masks for sure. His skin is too sensitive for face paints and we don’t participate in the “scary” parts of the season, so no ghosts, skeletons, gore or devil costumes.

While reorganizing our upstairs closets, I came across this winter hat from a year ago and Corrigan put it on and hasn’t removed it for hours. He seems comforted by the super-soft fabric that lines the inside of the hat and he likes whipping the dangly parts of the hat around too.  I think that we just accidentally stumbled upon a dress-up idea after all!  White pants, shirt and this adorable hat, easy and comfortable, though we should probably work on his “growl” because as of now he is walking around and acting like a kitten. ha.

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Watching Cars 2

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