Uh oh, schools are closed.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the county has closed our schools for the last three days. My oldest has spent his free time sleeping late, studying at a leisurely pace and playing lots of Xbox Live with friends.  Corrigan, however, has not been thrilled with the absence of the school bus at his doorstep.

He attends school five days a week and when we make it to church on Sunday there is only one day a week that does not follow his routine. Saturdays always start off rough because he wakes and immediately asks, ” I go school?” and when I gently tell him that there is no school on Saturday, he expresses his extreme displeasure vocally.  He will then follow me around for most of Saturday morning asking about school in different ways.  “A school bus? I go?” or “I go playground? A friends?”   Never happy with my replies, no matter how much I smile or try and distract him with an activity, Saturday mornings can be tough.

Also, because Corrigan has zero concept of time and still takes naps, he will ask to go to school any time he wakes, not understanding that it is not yet a new day, and he again gets angry with me.  He attended a summer school program as well, and this nearly year-round attendance creates a routine that for a kid like Corrigan, can really be thrown off when inclement weather occurs.

The rain and wind has meant that he not only misses his beloved school bus, but that he has been stuck inside the house and I’ve found him standing at the front door, one hand on the doorknob whining, “Outsiiiiide?”  It is so pathetic.  And frustrating.  For all of us.

They called off school again for today and when I got the text alert my heart sank.  No amount of Playdough, or Yo Gabba Gabba, or long bubble baths, would ease yet another morning of being told “no” when he asked about school.  In fact yesterday, he knew my answer before I even replied, asking hopefully, “I go school?” and then before I could answer yelling, “NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in his angriest voice.

This boy loves school, and I am so thankful that he does, but whew…these last few days have been hard for the poor guy. I’m not looking forward to telling Corrigan about Spring Break.  Anyone else want to come over in March and tell him for me?

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