Fall Dress Up Day 2012

Corrigan’s school had their rescheduled “Fall Dress Up Day” today and we went with our simple costume of gray sweats and his snow wolf hat.  However tons of kids yelled, “Look, a fox!” when we paraded through so maybe he was a snow fox. Or a Siberian Husky. Whatever, it didn’t twerk any of his sensory issues and he was comfortable.

When I arrived at his class, he was oblivious to anything but the activity he was doing, and I didn’t want to distract him, so my plan was to take one shot and then sneak off to a corner and wait…

But then I think that he heard the shutter click of my camera and when he saw me it was the cutest, most heart-warming expression I’d ever seen him make. My camera was still in my hand, but I was in the process of putting it aside, when I quickly snapped and prayed it was in focus, but alas, twas not the case…

For about 5 seconds he sat there stunned and then he jumped up and ran over to me and gave me the BIGGEST hug. Corrigan doesn’t give hugs, though we have been working on it forever, and he rarely gives kisses but my, oh my, did that boy give me kisses. It was like he hadn’t seen me in 2 weeks, rather than 2 hours.

He can be quite sweet and loves to look deep into my eyes and smile at me, but rarely does he show physical affection, so I was floored at his reaction. He held my hand throughout the entire parade, through all of the upper grades (PreK had their parade in the morning) and then when we returned to his classroom, he sat on my lap during story time.

He was so excited to show me that he knew the story time song (Reading Rainbow!) and even though he was on my lap, he kept twisting around while singing to impress me with his lyrical skills. Then, during the story he was so overwhelmed and happy that I was there, he repeatedly kissed me….dozens of times…and while I was so afraid to tell him to stop because I never ever get kisses(!!!!)…he was being disruptive. But oh my word, I can still feel the enormous amount of love and happiness that he felt having me there. It was pretty awesome, I tell ya.

He was pleased as punch to walk out with me at dismissal time, pointing out things that he knew and getting the door for me like a little gentleman, and when we got outside he yelled, “HAPPY!!!!”

Then we went to speech therapy and he screamed and cried through the entire session.

Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Your comments are appreciated!

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