It’s okay, tough guys smile too.

An open-mouthed smile is a rare thing to capture in the teenage male but nothing thrills my heart more than the sound of Connor laughing.  Because that kind of unadulterated joy seems forbidden in the male species, beginning in the middle school years, I always get a thrill whenever I say something that is so funny to Connor that he laughs out loud

Moms aren’t normally very funny, you know. Or so I am led to believe.  And I’m not talking about that chuckle that means he is humoring me either. I’m talking about the kind of laugh that bursts forth without warning. I love when something catches him that way and I feel like I should hit the road with my comedy act when I manage to bring that sound from my oldest boy.

I was too far away to hear whatever it was that the coach said to the boys to make them all laugh so hard before their Homecoming game, but it is so incredibly rare to see Connor smiling like this that I will pretend it was only a G-rated knock-knock joke.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the teenage smile for your viewing pleasure.  Nobody move though, if they sense we are watching they will revert to the standard “sullen” expression in 2.2 seconds flat.

Your comments are appreciated!

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