Random Saturday

It’s been a regular Saturday around the house today.  Connor mowed the lawn, Mark worked on rebuilding the side deck and I ended up completely ripping everything out of the bathroom closet in my search for my blow dryer attachment and ended up reorganizing all of the shelves and going through all of my expired shampoo and conditioners.  Why do I hold on to nearly-empty bottles of stuff?

*  I keep seeing the Skyfall previews and while I have a visual appreciation for Daniel Craig, I don’t know much about       his work, and I have never seen a single James Bond movie- neither in theater or at home.  Am I missing out?

* The Lime and Sweet Chili Jingos, from Pepperidge Farms, are delicious.  And I normally hate the taste of lime. Zimas were awful, right?

*  I love junk mail, especially junk mail catalogs.  We haven’t lived here very long,  so I rarely get catalogs but I rectified that situation by going to a website that allows me to sign up for catalogs from a zillion companies.  My mailman is going to hate me in 4-6 weeks.

Speaking of catalogs, have you ever been over to visit Catalog Living?  Trust me, you won’t regret the visit.  As long as you love satire and rolling your eyes at Pottery Barn catalogs, that is.

This photo is totally unrelated to anything. I just like it a lot.

2 thoughts on “Random Saturday

    • Hey Maggie! It is http://www.catalogs.com. Now, I was probably doing it wrong, but I was hoping it was one of those you like-you click and voila! they send. But I ended up seeing one I liked, then on a separate page I Googled that company and found the link to get the free catalog. I probably did it wrong, it seems like it should have been easier, but I have more than a dozen catalogs coming soon (maybe more, I lost count!) lol


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