Sunday Walk in November

Today we headed out to the Great Allegheny Passage to take a Sunday walk. When we arrived,  we heard the train whistle through the trees and Corrigan was simultaneously excited and scared out of his mind. The train came roaring around the bend like an angry black bear, just minutes after we got out of our car and I can only imagine how huge it must have felt to Corrigan, watching it from only 15 feet away.  He couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of our walk,  he kept turning around and pointing the direction the train was heading and I know he was hoping we would see it again.  Both Mark and I used our phones to capture video, so no photos of the train today. Here is the video…turn down your sound…this engine is LOUD! (why can I never remember to turn my camera for video?)

All of the beautiful Autumn leaves were off of the trees due to Hurricane Sandy, and a lot of the trail was washed out, but it was still a beautiful walk.  Nothing beats the crisp, fresh air (minus the black smoke from the train!) and today the sound of crunching leaves beneath our feet was the soundtrack of our afternoon.

In September, Corrigan’s little legs lost their own steam about a 1/4 mile from the car, so the rest of us took turns carrying him but today we turned around a wee bit sooner than before and he made it back to the car all by himself.  Connor was a climbing fiend, impressing his little brother with his climbing skills (and ruining the only pair of jeans that actually fit his long, lanky legs in the process) but Corrigan stayed away from the steep mountain sides and instead hung out down near the tracks, scuffing along in the leaves and singing softly to himself.

(The scenic railroad only runs once a day- sometimes twice during certain times of the year, and is the only train that uses these tracks so once it passes us by, we know we are “safe” to walk along the tracks.  Of course, always use caution near railroad tracks.)

Corrigan has been on a strange sleep schedule these past few weeks, after months of 9pm-6am nights, and now wakes around 3am.  Last night was the same, only instead of falling back asleep around 5am, he stayed awake the entire morning and afternoon and the moment we pulled up in front of the house he said, “My bed? Yes?”  We wore the little monkey out.  I hope he is dreaming of steam engines as I type.

At one point Mark said, “This is where you took your screensaver photo last time we were here!” so I quickly pulled out my phone once again and almost captured the boys in the same spot as in September. We were a little farther back this time around, but you can see general area just 60 days apart. Too bad we didn’t get up there in October, I would have then had pre-bloom, bloom and post-Autumn bloom. Maybe next year!

All photos taken on my old 3rd generation iPhone and with the Camera Awesome app.

Your comments are appreciated!

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