a sick little boy.

My sweet pickle has a respiratory infection and croup.  While they do not consider 99.9 a fever, that was his temp about an hour after a full dose of ibuprofen and he was shivering so much that I bundled him back up while waiting in the doctor’s office.

He sounds terrible. Absolutely terrible.  The doctor said there’s no stridor when he is calm, but it is evident when he is upset so we are to keep him as calm as possible. And then he said, “Here’s some steroids (inhaled)” and I laughed and laughed because calm+steroids does not equal Corrigan.

He was so upset at being touched and examined that I was forced to stand in front of him and sing songs from the Teapot book to calm him down.   Not sure if it was my voice (as Belle-like as it is…NOT) that lulled him to sleep, or the fact that he is so scared of not being able to breathe that he has been sleeping in 10-15 minute bursts for two days, but literally the second after I snapped this photo, he closed his eyes and was out.  I dropped everything on the floor to keep him from falling off of the doctor’s office table.

I will likely be taking him in to the emergency room for an ammonia check in a bit. He is napping now, however briefly, and the poor pickle needs some sleep.  I can’t tell if his ammonia is elevated when the symptoms from the infection are similar, and infection is so dangerous for UCD kids (not to mention fever) so all bases must be covered.

He is a sick little boy and it breaks my heart. I have no idea how he went from perfectly fine, to a single cough at 10:30 Monday night, and 48 hours later he sounds like a 90 year old man with emphysema.  This stinks.

5 thoughts on “a sick little boy.

  1. Ohhh croup – how I hate croup. It made Luca so very sick twice. The underlying cold lasted awhile, but the horrific cough/respiratory infection cleared up fairly quickly. I hope his ammonia is okay and that he can get some rest (and you too)!


  2. I had not read this before I called you. I am so sorry he is so, so sick. If you guys need anything before I come over tomorrow just let me know. I will pick up whatever from where ever. BIG BIG HUG to both of you!!!!


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