just the way he is.

It is kind of a crapshoot what toys will be hits and which will be misses with my boys. I’d say my success rate is around 60%  and that can be frustrating when toys aren’t cheap but when one toy becomes a special part of our life, it feels like it is worth a million bucks.

PapPap and Nana got Tad for Corrigan for his 1st Christmas and Tad has been our hospital partner from that moment on.  His frog plays “night night” songs and there were many hospital stays that were easier to bear with Tad there.  All of these years later, only one of Tad’s hands still works and he looks a little worse for the wear but this week he has been invaluable.  Corrigan learned long ago how to make his music start by himself, and while I slept on the floor by his bed, I heard him playing the songs over and over in the middle of these long, sick nights.  He would reach out in the dark for his old friend, the tiny light on Tad’s chest bringing him peace when he was scared of sleep.

I think it was as comforting for me to hear, as it was for Corrigan.

I saw a brand-new Tad in a thrift store a few months back and could have kicked myself for not picking it up at its $7.00 price, but as we all know, a new copy is a poor replacement for the original, no matter how much it is loved.  It might play the same songs, and all of his parts would be working, but it wouldn’t hold the smells and scuffs of four years of our crazy journey.  Tad is priceless to all of us, just the way that he is.

3 thoughts on “just the way he is.

  1. For certain, Helen! My oldest (who is healthy and neuro-typical) we bought every instrument he wanted to try (drums, violin, piano, guitar etc) and paid for lessons and nothing at all “stuck” with him. Then, out of the blue, a few months ago he picked up his guitar again and now plays for hours every night in his room, learning to play on his own with the help of the internet.

    Corrigan has shown an interest in music since he was born, he has INCREDIBLE rhythm and I think that his love of numbers will help him musically. Corrigan too has his own drums, bongos, keyboard and two guitars. His Daddy plays guitar and I am a violinist myself (which he LOVES) so once he gets a little bigger, and his attention span improves, we will definitely be putting a stringed instrument in his hand!


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