Mama is gettin’ stuff done!

I wanted to do this months ago but today I finally had the energy to tackle one of my least favorite chores in the house…waxing and buffing my floors.  The big guys were out getting haircuts and running errands for me and Corrigan was down for a nap, so I moved everything from the living room into the dining room, rolled up the carpet and got busy.

Hours of sweeping, wiping, cleaning and buffing later and my thirsty front-room floors look so much nicer.  The muscles in my right arm are trembling from over-use, making typing this entry a little awkward. And my back, oh my back.  Ouch.

But much better, right?

(cell phone photos, lighting was a little different between start and finish time)

What are you tackling this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Mama is gettin’ stuff done!

  1. Gosh, what a woman! She wifes, she mothers, she doctors, she cooks, she cleans, she writes, she fiddles, God loves her. I bet she can paint, too. Trouble is, how does she ever find time? Where can I get one half as good?


  2. I have never buffed or waxed my floors and dare I admit, that I had no idea that one should be doing that. Eek – guess I need to add that to my list of to-do’s at some point.


  3. Depends on your floors, Katie. This house is very old and the floors don’t have a thick poly on top. There was a giant room rug on top for years too, so it was all just dulled. If I had the extra money, I would love to rent a sander and refinish them properly, but it is pricey and time-consuming. Not to mention hard to do with pets around and living so close to the road (the road dirt/dust here is nearly unmanageable) the top coat really needs time to cure and any particles would settle on the top. Also, my dog has canine lupus, which causes him to scratch constantly, and no matter how short I keep his nails, he is wrecking havoc on these floors. It would be soul-crushing to put in the time to make them perfect and have him scratch them up. One day though, I would love to do it but just not right now.


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