Third child.

This month, my third child turns seven years old.  What? You didn’t know I had a third child? Fine, I don’t have a third child, but everyone jokes that my camera is my baby.  Mark surprised me with it, while out shopping in November 2005 but made me wait until Christmas morning to take it out of the box. That was torture, I tell you.  I’ve known my baby has needed replaced for some time, seven years is ancient in camera years,  but I have babied her and she keeps cranking out photos.  Yes, I have just decided my camera is female.

Yesterday we went for another Sunday walk and out of 147 photos, only one was in perfect focus.  One.  I was using my crystal clear 50mm 1.8 lens and the sun was bright in the sky.  It was ideal for even the laziest camera to produce sharp pictures, and they looked decent on my LCD screen on-camera, but when I got home I wanted to cry.  I noticed she wasn’t focusing well at all, but that has been a problem the last few years, and I have learned to work around it but apparently that isn’t working any longer. I was down to one focal point that worked (top center) and now even that is unreliable.

It was pretty darn cold outside, so I was shooting with thick, fabric gloves and thought that my shutter button was extra slow because of the gloves.  I couldn’t manually focus with gloves on and since they were just family photos at a location I have shot a hundred times, I wasn’t really willing to freeze my fingers off.

This is the only clear shot I got and even seven subsequent shots in the exact location were out of focus, some worse than others. Would have been a decent keeper if Corrigan didn’t have that far-away, freaked out look on his face…

…and looking at it on here, it could have been more crisp. Especially with the 50mm. Hmmm.

A camera is just a thing.  A device. Lord knows I understand what really matters in life, so I am trying to be reasonable about the impending demise of my camera, but there isn’t another camera on the horizon- there simply can’t be when basic needs are barely being met-so I am going to keep using her until she takes her last photo.  But bear with me, things are going to get less technically proficient around here.

I am going to stop tagging my posts with “photography” though because I’ve been noticing that doing so brings around some true talent in the WordPress world and I am sure they are shaking their head at the out-of-focus stuff I am posting lately. Sometimes I get lucky and I can get a clear shot or two, but I know how to take crisp photos, (at least when all things are working well ) so this luck of the draw stuff is frustrating.  Some I can salvage in post-production by sharpening, but they don’t print as well that way.

But out-of-focus photos are better than none at all.  Look at the popularity of Instagram!  A memory is a memory, and my little Canon Rebel XT is still cranking them out.

Like this one, I was sitting under a gazebo and wanted a shot of my handsome oldest boy who was sitting just seven or eight feet way, but my camera was hunting for focus and when I pulled them up on my computer at home it made me laugh.  Corrigan never wants to look directly at my camera, unless it isn’t his turn to look at my camera.

I love that he is photo-bombing his older brother like a lumberjack with attitude.  Neither of them in focus, but it’s still a keeper.

“Wazzup, mom?”

Also, I make handsome kids.

Your comments are appreciated!

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