Tree Farm(s)

I’m so silly.  I forgot that Mark has a nearly-new laptop up here in his office that I can use.  I can’t edit photos the way I normally do because my Photoshop is on my desktop downstairs, but there’s always PicMonkey for the basics.  His screen is really bright and web page colors look faint on this though and I know it isn’t calibrated, so if my stuff is all saturated and funky for awhile, ignore it.  It would be rude of me to go changing his settings for my photo stuff but darn if I am not getting twitchy seeing Facebook a pale baby blue. ha.

I have a ton of photos from our family excursion find our Christmas tree but I thought I would post just one for now.  Laptop keyboards are light years better than tablet touchscreens but I am still missing, like, every fourth letter on this machine.  Do I have hot dog fingers or something?

We did find the perfect tree, after visiting two different tree farms, and it was a gorgeous day to stroll along the pines for a few hours.  We pushed and tugged the big girl into the house and I can smell the pine all of the way up here.  The scent is a little overpowering to be honest, I am tempted to open all of the windows in the house because I feel like I am drowning in the smell, but I suppose this is normal for a fresh cut tree, rather than grabbing one from the guy selling them in a lot down by the quick mart.

Have a great weekend!

Christmas Tree 1 sr

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