Christmas Program 2012

When Corrigan’s teacher said that he would be participating in a PreK Christmas program, my very first thought was, “Oh this ought to be good.” Corrigan isn’t well known for standing still. Or cooperating. And he pretty much hates large crowds of people. Sounds great!

All week I’d been told he was doing well in rehearsal and I reminded myself that “normal” kids flip out on stage in elementary school programs all of the time so it wouldn’t be a big deal if Corrigan did too.

Then my calm demeanor disappeared when the clock struck 10am and in walked his class. He lined up perfectly though, seemed to be following directions in preparation and wasn’t wringing his hands too much. Then I realized I made a rookie mom mistake.

I placed myself in his line of sight.

At first, when he recognized me, he saw the camera and started saying, “Cheese!” and pointing but then he suddenly bolted to me and wouldn’t be denied. Before his teacher could get him back the music began.

It was still great though. He did his songs but out in the audience instead, enjoying himself immensely and our row got an up close performance!

It wasn’t perfect but it was Corrigan’s way and it sure beat a meltdown!


Merry Christmas!!!

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