Christmas blurb 2012

We had a lovely Christmas here in Maryland, we even got a nice snowfall on Christmas Eve!  I didn’t take too many photos because of camera issues, but I think I almost enjoyed it more that way. I saw more of the day with my own eyes, instead of through the camera viewfinder and no one felt the need to hold up their gifts and smile awkwardly after opening each one.

Connor is 15-years old this year, so he ended up with the usual teenage by haul of clothes, cologne, video game stuff and workout equipment.  It feels like only yesterday he was opening up toys that required batteries, and it is still a little shocking to see how much he has grown since last Christmas.

ninja disguise

Corrigan loved Christmas.  His teacher did a great job with the words and sights of the holidays, so he was happily talking about “Kwismas” and “weindears” for weeks, and knew about presents and ripped into his gifts without prompting.  It was even fun to take a ride to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, with Cor in the backseat exclaiming, “WOW! a STAR!” about a hundred times.   I under-estimated just how much he would get out of the holiday this year.  There’s a lot that is still over his head, but he was “singing” his way through a half-dozen carols and jumping up and down when he saw the snow falling last night.  It was pretty amazing to see it through his sweet and simple eyes.

The only meltdown of the day was when he asked for ants ( he asks for ants and potato bugs daily, I don’t know..he likes bugs) and we surprised him with an ant farm.  He was excited to see the box and he read Ant Farm all on his own (“ent foam!”) but was royally ticked off when he didn’t find any ants in the box.  Honestly, it was another parenting-fail, we ordered the ants too late for them to arrive in time for Christmas and yes, I realize that I spent $5.00 for someone to ship me a supply of bugs that I spend $8.00 trying to kill in the Spring.  Life is weird.

He truly liked everything that he opened today, but I don’t think that anything garnered bigger smiles that this little blue whirly-bird.  (PS.  Mark is secretly thrilled that Corrigan only wants to watch the helicopter fly and leaves the navigating to his Daddy.  Boys never outgrow their love of remote-controlled vehicles, do they?)


I can’t believe another year is nearly behind us.  I received another Ten Year Journal for Christmas and it blows my mind that it was time for another one already.  It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I cracked open the last Ten Year book!  I considered this blog a sort of family journal, and I don’t have a lot of time to fill out long handwritten pages in a regular journal, but Ten Year journaling is easy as pie, with only four lines for each date, and all ten years of that date is on the same page.  It takes five minutes to jot down the highlights of the day and it feels special to see it handwritten.  My last journal was stuffed with newspaper clippings, photos, report cards and other odds and ends so it was exciting to get a new one today!

I hope that you had a really nice Christmas and a very blessed New Year!

Your comments are appreciated!

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