It’s been awhile, right?

I haven’t taken a real photo since Christmas morning and my computer has been down since the first day of December.  For weeks I thought that my depression was due to not having an outlet from the daily stress in my life but then a friend loaned me this mini laptop so that I could get the words out of my head again, and now I can’t find them.

The days are all the same, the same trials plague our family and have for years now, I have a million thoughts about Corrigan that keep me awake at night that I could share here, but then I sit down to type and it all sounds ridiculous.

I am not going to freak out about it right now.  I’ve blogged in some form or another for over eleven years, and the words ebb and flow, but I’ve never felt so numb while sitting in front of a computer screen before.  Something will come out eventually and it will be weird to not have a photo to add to every post, but for now I just wanted to put some words here.  So that there is something on this blog in 2013.


4 thoughts on “hello.

  1. I totally understand. Maybe when some warmer spring weather hits (like has here in GA where has been in the high 70’s this week) it will lift your spirits up some. Thinking of you always and will say a prayer for you today.


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