Football and Rockets

We are having fun making forts on this snowy, Super Bowl Sunday.  PapPap and Nana bought this Discovery Kids Construction Fort set for Corrigan this Christmas and he pretty much loves it to pieces.



photo (5)

His nickname today is “The Deconstructor” but “Corrigan the Destroyer” would work too.

While he rested during his afternoon tube feed, I attempted to assemble the rocket that was on the front of the box.  It wasn’t too difficult but that base turned out to be ridiculous once “The Wrecking Ball” came back downstairs.

photo (4)

He asked us to play The Rocket song, by Steve Songs, while he yelled “ROCKET” about fifty times in a row. The original blanket we used was too heavy for the poles so we switched to sheets, and I took apart the base and used the rods to make an access tunnel which made it far more stable. Tunnels are great for working gross motor skills, Corrigan often has difficulty understanding the way his body fits into the world, and tunnels often frustrate him because he doesn’t always lower his head enough.

photo (3)

All astronauts need a safety helmet so we dug out Connor’s old helmet and then it was imagination lift off!  We played around with different sized rockets.
photo (2)

photo (1)

I hope you enjoy the game this evening, be safe and cheer your heart out!

Your comments are appreciated!

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