snow days

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I love snow. I love the way reflected light fills my mostly-dark home due to the blanket of fluffy stuff outside. I love the muted peace it brings and snow always makes me feel doubly thankful for my home. Thankful for warm shelter and hot coffee. Snow days inspire me to clean the house and cook thick soups for dinner. Snow, for a brief moment, makes the world seem magical.

However, snow means school delays and because Corrigan attends only 1/2 day Preschool, whenever a delay is called, the little guy does not have school for the day.

We have had so many snow delays in 2013 (but only one or two full days off due to snow), and coming off of the long Christmas break, he hasn’t had 5 consecutive days of school since mid-December. This break in his routine means more temper issues and boredom means more destructive play around the house.

The kid can destroy a room in minutes.

It has been a challenge keeping him busy, it is so easy to let him zone out with Netflix movies, but thankfully he likes to “help” so lately I have assigned him the breakfast dishes.  And by “doing the breakfast dishes” I mean “sticking his head under the faucet and moving cups from one side of the sink to the other.”  It is very efficient, his technique, and a friend joked that I am getting dishes/bath/laundry all done at once this way.

He helps throw the wet laundry into the dryer and he also shadows me while I vacuum, but that is mainly because he likes the jetstream of air that explodes from the back of my ShopVac as I move around the house sucking up dog hair tumbleweeds. He is also getting the hang of “wiping” something with a rag, so I imagine I will be teaching him to dust soon too. Is he too young to stick out on a ladder to do windows?

We have been building and coloring and brought in all of the scooters and riding toys so that he can burn off some energy on my convenient wood floors. As much as I love the snow though, I suppose I need to start wishing for Spring (because wishing helps, right?) because little man needs his school routine. He needs his teacher and her magical ways of helping him learn, and he needs that peer interaction that I cannot provide.

He has been a pretty tolerant little school skipper though, he no longer cries or angrily yells “NOT TODAY!” when he wakes and I have to tell him “No Mr. Tom today” (his bus driver). He doesn’t like it, but at least he isn’t yelling at me about it ten times a morning.

He is also playing independently for longer and longer periods of time during these extra days off and I’ve overheard him “talking” with his toys.  I might not understand what is being said, but it sure sounds like imaginative play to me!

Okay, so maybe one more snow storm would be nice. Something with lots of accumulation that is so deep I cannot see the weeds in the empty lot next door. A storm so large that the perpetual traffic in front of my house would be silenced for a few hours.  Just one more big, beautiful snow storm, please. I have a new cheeseburger soup I want to try!

Oh, who am I kidding, I hope it snows until March. Please don’t tell Corrigan I said that.

Your comments are appreciated!

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