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I hope to have some photos of Connor soon.  That boy is so busy, it is crazy.  He just left for timed trials in anticipation of being able (maybe!) to run in his first track invitational next week.  He runs like the wind, so I hope he qualifies to race, but even if he doesn’t I am super proud of him.  One thing I’ve never been good at is running.  (just the one thing, Mindy?)  I am, however, great at sucking wind and making it 1/16th of a mile before bending over and gasping for air while cursing the stitch in my side.  Connor gets his running talents from his Daddy’s side of the family.

In addition to making the Straight A Honor Roll again, and track, he is also playing U-19 Indoor Soccer on weekend nights at the local YMCA and doing amazingly well in his guitar lessons.  I can take credit for those long and limber guitar fingers, he totally gets those from me. (ha!)

The point is, he is a busy busy boy and not super interested (or home that much) to have his photos taken just because Mom feels like it.  However, he can’t stop me from shooting on the track sidelines next week!

Speaking of Connor, this is the face of pure joy brought on by Connor.


Nothing makes Corrigan’s eyes twinkle like big brother playing with him.  I am pretty sure Corrigan was supposed to be hiding here.  He really is the world’s worst hider in Hide-and-Seek.

Come to think of it, he is pretty bad at seeking too. Love him.


Corrigan has a really long process when it comes to trusting and trying a new food.  I rarely am able to just pop something into his mouth and have it go well.  Even if he likes it, he will react by spitting it out and then racing away to make sure I never do something so heinous again.

The other evening, Connor was eating Oreos in his room and goofing around with Corrigan.  When they were done playing, Corrigan grabbed and Oreo and left Connor’s room.  We noticed he took one, which was a surprise, but instead of tasting it, he proceeded to carry it around the house for an hour.

I would check on the status of the Oreo every few minutes, and sure enough, it was gripped tightly in Corrigan’s left hand while he played with his trucks and watched a video.  Later, he came out into the kitchen with cookie in hand and I noticed him putting his hand to his cheek.

Upon closer look, he was rubbing the cookie on his cheek. That was new. We encouraged him to try a bite, but he ran off again with cookie still clasped in hand.  Finally, after who knows how long, he sniffed it a few times, deemed it worthy of attempt, and shoved the entire dang thing into his mouth.

That didn’t go over well, Corrigan does not know how (or is not willing?) to take bites of a larger piece of food. It all goes in however it is presented to him, so I still give him finger foods, or cut things into bite-sized pieces.  He also is too afraid to chew with his back molars, instead he allows the food to dissolve a bit in his mouth and masticates with his tongue. If it can’t dissolve (like a full-sized Oreo) it is coming back out, for sure.

He didn’t end up eating much, but he overcame his extreme fear and at least attempted something new (and of firmer texture, which is rare) and I don’t care how messy it was to clean up that mashed up, slobbery Oreo, I high-fived him for the attempt.

The Oreos are now moved up to the higher shelf in the pantry.


Finally, I was mentioning to a friend that one of the most fun parts of raising toddlers is when they begin to speak in more than one-word phrases and they mess up language in the most adorable ways.  Or the mishear, etc. Corrigan is just now starting to string more than one word together, consistently, and consequently, I finally get to experience (again) the joy of language mistakes.

Lucky for you, I blog, so you’re going to hear about all of them for the next million years since speech is slow-going around these parts.

He loves the song BINGO.  He is completely confused that his one of his favorite YouTube channels has a song to the same tune only titled SANTA.  This is all very hard to understand for a child that works really hard on one tune at a time, and then that tune is used in multiple songs (ie; Twinkle, Twinkle).

Anyway, BINGO.  He is getting pretty good at mumbling through the song, up to speed, and each week he gets better and better at actually singing the actual words.  All of this time I thought it went, “B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name, O!”

Today I’ve heard Corrigan mumbling the tune, while playing, and have heard him several times sing, “….B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was a rainbow!”

I like his version better.


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. Imagine sometime way down the way, your progeny, in what form I can’t predict, but probably in Connor’s line, someone will be reading your treasures and really appreciating them for just that. A hundred years, maybe more than that, some sweet young girl in some medium we can’t yet imagine will sit and read, tears of appreciation streaming down her face, at her hero. And neither of you will ever meet, but think about how much you would treasure such a thing, if one of your ancestors had done it for you as you are doing.


  2. It is awesome to imagine, George! There are also a handful of companies that will print out your blog in hardback form. It is incredibly time-consuming to format the pages properly, and I have had this blog for more than 4 years now so it would be quite the undertaking, but how amazing would it be to HOLD this blog in hand? I am hoping as blogging becomes more mainstream, services to make blogs into something tangible would become more user-friendly and easy. I love the idea of future generations reading these words though. I know how much it means to me to read just the simple scribbles of information on the back of old family photos!


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