Weekend with Mommy

This weekend, Daddy and Connor went to Delaware while Corrigan and I stayed behind and watched a lot of Barney and AFV videos.  I already spend a lot of one-on-one time with Corrigan, and we are used to being inside together for days at a time, but this weekend there were things we needed to head out of the house for and there was no leaving him behind with Daddy while I ran errands. So we put on some nice clothes, talked about expectations and headed out. Corrigan was so well behaved it was amazing.

Let me be more specific…he didn’t throw a single tantrum…not at home or out in public. For TWO STRAIGHT DAYS.

Not one.

No tears because he dropped a toy, no whining or fussing when tired or bored, and he was so genuinely happy and loving that I found myself staring at him curiously, wondering where my real kid went.

I don’t take Corrigan into stores very often, and never out to eat in restaurants, but there was no avoiding the store on Saturday.  He walked beside me the entire time, did not chirp or flap anxiously and he even consciously got out of the way when we were in crowded spots.  Usually he is ping-ponging all over the place and obliviously bouncing off of the legs of strangers.

When it was time to checkout, my heart sank when I spotted the incredibly long lines, and thought about abandoning my stuff and heading for the car, but Corrigan waited patiently and was so well-behaved he actually received a compliment on his behavior from a stranger.

You could have knocked me over with a feather!
photo (21)

(waiting in line, hands behind his back in the way he does now)

We had a mid-afternoon, birthday party invite and I was concerned because he was up really early and normally takes a nap during that same time period, but he was a champ for several hours even though he almost fell asleep in the short time between the store and the party.

He did want to bring his ants along…
photo (24)

…but I explained that ants don’t like birthday cake (they do, I lied). His ears perked up at birthday cake, and his ants were quickly forgotten as he searched frantically for his coat. (ha!)  He really likes birthday cake, or at least the idea of birthday cake (though he mainly bossed around Monika into scooping more ice cream into his mouth) but he likes the singing and candles the most.

This photo is my favorite from the weekend.  We had just finished singing “Happy Birthday” to Petra and I was grabbing some shots.

photo (22)

( “Stop taking pictures woman, and cut this cake!“)

He was a snuggly monkey too, a singing snuggly monkey really, and I lapped that stuff up like crazy. I love me some Corrigan snuggles and his  hysterically cute, mixed up versions of songs.  I was taking his photo before we got in the car, and he ran over – propped himself on my bended knee- and sang me the sweetest version of BINGO. You can see that he takes his mommy-serenading very seriously.
photo (23)

(Can’t tell I adore him, right?)

This morning we dyed some eggs for Spring and this is the first year I used brown eggs. The dye really worked great and produced some really neat results. Corrigan was happy to color while I got everything ready.

photo (26)

He was a little wary at first, while he loves water he isn’t too sure about colored water.  I didn’t even have to demonstrate what to do, I simply used my words and he completely understood. That’s pretty huge. His receptive language is really exploding.

Well, he understood it all except the gently part of  “gently place the egg in the cup” part.  ha.  The egg dunks were quite impressive but only one cracked (surprisingly).

slam dunk Collage

The hardest part was waiting five minutes for the dye to work its magic. He waited patiently, and quite seriously.

patiently waiting Collage

and finally! A SMILE! He was concentrating so much from the start, I know he didn’t understand what we were really doing, or what the end result was supposed to be, but when he saw his brand new eggs, he was delighted!

photo (31)

photo (29)

He was so delighted that he climbed down and disappeared for a few minutes and then returned with his ants to show them his eggs. I could die from the cuteness with Corrigan and those creepy ants.

photo (30)

OH! and I almost forgot!!!!

Saturday morning, my little learner found me and was shouting. “AWOUND AND DUH CROSS!” and pulling me to where he was coloring. He dropped my hand, picked up his crayon and then repeated it again (around and across!) while clearly drawing the number two.


I was stunned and perhaps a little too enthusiastic at his new skill. I grabbed my phone and asked him to draw me another number two. Here he is with his 2nd attempt…you will hear Corrigan doing what he does best, echoing every word I speak, and some truly maniacal squealing from me at the end.

(I really need to remember to turn my phone sideways for video)

I do not know if he has been practicing this in school (I’m sure that’s where he has learned this) for very long, or not, but Saturday was the first I knew about this writing stuff and I’ve already been on Amazon, looking for tablets or tools to help him learn more!

Could I be any more proud?
photo (25)

I think not.

Anyway, that was a lot of photos, wasn’t it? You have no idea, I spared you a dozen more but if you follow me on Instagram (minmoon) there are many more.

I am going to leave you with this last photo that pretty much sums up Corrigan’s amazing attitude this weekend and makes me smile everytime I see it. He was a joy and I am so glad we had this one-on-one time together!

photo (34)



********Some photos are from my cell phone but the larger photos are from a newer model Canon Rebel that Kay dropped off at my house last week. I have the most amazing friends. They trust me enough to loan me things like the laptop I am posting from (thank you Melissa!!) and the camera that Kay said I can use for as long as I want. Honestly, I can survive without these things, we call can, but your generosity (and trust!) has really lifted my spirits and I am overwhelmed at your acts of kindness.

Your comments are appreciated!

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