snip snip

I love YouTube.  Not the stupid Harlem Shake videos, or the backyard fighting clips, or the really weird stuff but for instructional value, it can’t be beat.  We like to call it “YouTube University” around here, and I have taught myself to do a myriad of things just by watching a few dozen video clips.

This past week, I wanted to learn to cut hair- Corrigan really dislikes the hair salon-and I was hoping to save a few pennies too.  YouTube has hundreds of videos that can teach you how to use clippers and scissors to do a little boy hairstyle and my first attempt turned out pretty good!


Corrigan didn’t have much faith in me at first but by the end, when he realized I wasn’t going to accidentally Van Gogh his ear with the shears, he was calmed down.  The bubbles that Daddy blew for an hour helped too. Well, they helped calm Corrigan, but they made cutting his hair a little more difficult- that boy really throws his entire body into popping bubbles. I gotta admit, if I were a barber, it’d be for ages 16 and up only.

That stuff isn’t easy!

My next class in YouTube University?  “How to thread the sewing machine that’s been sitting in my closet for four years.”   Just you wait until Corrigan has to go to school with mom-trimmed hair and mom-sewn clothes, POP-U-LAR. (hee hee)

One thought on “snip snip

  1. Everything you do turns out “pretty good” and then some. You remind me of Hannah, my first wife. She did everything well, from making the best V8,6,4 juice ever from our garden to painting a seascape. She was a wonderful photographer as well, and cut hair for me and the boys. She was highly intelligent and and had a steady hand. She often skunked me at table games or cribbage. She was from an era when women were just beginning to wake up to the understanding that they could aspire to greatness. She would have been a wonderful surgeon: brilliant, deft, compassionate, extremely dependable, clear head and take charge in emergencies, an exquisite seamstress. Hannah did all things well and would have manipulated the Internet like a virtuoso. She was an exceptional writer. You remind me of her a lot . You would have liked each other very much.


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