on your mark, get set, go!

Last evening was Connor’s second track meet and it was all relays. He ran three of them and did great (as far as I know anything about track, that is!) but he is always striving to improve his times, so if you ask him how he did, he will give you a “meh” and shrug his shoulders.

He is a perfectionist, which was a tough thing when he was little, but it is a driving force that really propels him through the rigors of high school academics and athletics now.  I think that next year, 11th grade, will be the year that everything awesome I see in Connor is going to come bursting forth and his confidence is going to finally match his abilities.  It is hard when you are your own harshest critic, and in his mind we are his parents, we are supposed to be his biggest cheerleaders, but it doesn’t mean that we are right.  I don’t buy that.  I think that he is amazing because he is. And not just because he is mine.

I love this boy. My All-American kiddo.

connors frankfort track meet 028

connors frankfort track meet 030

connors frankfort track meet 029

He had some distance to make up when it was his turn on one of the relays.
catch up connors frankfort track meet 024

and he closed that gap and made it look easy. I love to watch him run.

Hopefully this gif. works. He evened it up on his part of the relay, giving his remaining teammates the chance to win, and in the end I think they came in 3rd. It was a great race.

create animated gif
here you can create animated gif easy

I am so proud of you Connor Liam. Seriously, undeniably thrilled to be your mom.  You know, the lady in the stands yelling so loud that kids cover their ears? She thinks you’re awesome.

Edited to Add: Connor came home with these two ribbons- 3rd place!

photo (35)

Go Big Blue!

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