Speech Therapy continued…

Friday’s are speech therapy after school and I thought I would share some photos from his appointment.  Corrigan told me that he was “fweepy” (sleepy) before we went inside, so I knew that things might not go all that well today, but I was hopeful after our seriously great speech appointment last Friday.

It is hard to gauge how the session might go, the times I think that he is the most unfocused can be the times he participates the best.  Today his preK teacher gave me a good report on his day, and until he told me that he was tired I had high hopes for speech today.

It wasn’t a total bust, he did not fuss or tantrum, but instead he simply shut down- refusing to make any eye contact with the therapist, refusing to speak after awhile and even holding his hands together so that he didn’t have to touch anything.

Today I would say that he was indifferent. Which is kind of new, and I think I like it more than screaming! Ha.

The waiting area has a cute little kitchen with realistic pretend-food.  Corrigan always goes straight for this bowl of “oatmeal” and sometimes even demands that it goes into his session with him. The last two times, he was fascinated with fake slices of bread, and brought those in, but that bowl of unappetizing-looking gruel is still his all-time favorite.  I’ve scoured eBay for anything similar to add to his play-kitchen, at home, but I think this set of food is older than me.

photo (42)

The therapist allows him to pick whatever he wants at the start of the session, and he almost always asks for the “duh house” (doll house). In order to obtain the pieces and figurines to play, he has to do some speaking. Sometimes it is parroting, but other times it is answering questions (“which one of these cards shows a telephone?”) in order to gain a piece to use with the house. He also has to use a sentence to get what he desires (” I want_____”) and today did a pretty good job of conveying what he wanted.

Side note: Corrigan is smitten with the doll house because it has a potty. A potty with a lid that lifts up and down. At home (and I imagine in school too) he always makes the figurine that he calls “Daddy” use the potty a hundred times, then the Daddy “fwushes” the potty and then Daddy goes night-night. If not for that potty, I don’t know that this great form of imaginative play would have ever sparked his interest. I am so thankful for pretend potties!
photo (46)

Also, the Little People figuring that he always looks for and uses as “Daddy” is black, even though we have several blonde-haired “daddies” that look far more like Mark.  Kids like Corrigan are so “color blind” to skin color.

I love that.

After doll house therapy, they usually move on to puzzles. He always removes all of the pieces and places them in a plastic box. In order to “earn” each puzzle piece, he has to answer more questions and use his voice. His favorite puzzles are no surprise, the ones with letters, numbers, or rescue vehicles get the most response from him.

photo (41)

After puzzles, she wanted to work on “yes” and “no” questions and while he answered 7 out of 10 correctly last week (and stunned me completely) this week he refused to answer even a single one. The cards are colorful and ask questions like, “Do ducks eat socks?” He has a yes/no prompt in front of him to help him a bit, and today he was not having it.

photo (45)

(tuning the therapist out here)

He does okay with answering yes, or no, to questions about things that he cares about (“Do you want to watch Cars?”) but even though he knows his colors perfectly, he will not answer yes/no if, say, I held up a purple ball and asked, “Is this ball green?” Heck, even if I hold it up and ask if it is the correct color, he looks at me dumbfounded. He will tap the ball and say “purple!” and expect to be praised for his answer but doesn’t answer appropriately in the affirmative or negative quite yet. We are working on it.

From this point on, he was pretty much over therapy.  He looked up at the ceiling, at the ground and clamped his mouth shut tightly.

Stubborn little man, I tell ya.

Could this kid be less interested?

photo (44)

photo (39)

He still earned a lollipop for his efforts and I snapped this photo of us outside in the parking lot.
photo (43)

Today is Donate Life Blue and Green Day for organ donation awareness and Corrigan and I wore blue and green today in support of our friends still waiting for their gift of life. Our special friend, Alexa, lives in Canada and she was born with the same disorder as Corrigan. She has been waiting awhile on the perfect liver and we pray that it comes to her in God’s perfect timing! (you can learn more about Alexa’s family’s decision to choose transplant here.

Do you desire to donate your organs when you pass on from this Earthly home? If you want to be an organ, eye or tissue donor, please go over to Donate Life today to register. Also, don’t forget to make your wishes known to your loved ones and check that box on your driver’s license! (do they still do that?) You can’t take them with you, why not pass them on to someone waiting?

Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Speech Therapy continued…

  1. hehe…..I love his face in the “tuning therapist out” picture…..”if I don’t make direct eye contact, maybe she won’t know I am here..” He is beyond cute!


  2. Dont we all have those days?! I must point out, however, that the ad at the “bottom” of your post was a “potty” one! xoxox


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