Birthday (part 2)

Corrigan was a little lost in the fog of his disorder on his actual birthday, and while we still had cake and candles (and balloons!) he was unable to concentrate and didn’t seem very happy.  It is like that, you if a thick fog blankets his brain. He becomes more echolalic and easily agitated-his attention span disappears and he just seems “off”. A trip to the ER to get his levels check yielded good results so I wasn’t worried that ammonia was building up, yet his brain has been obviously affected off and on during the month of May.

Thankfully, the fog lifted before his birthday party that following Sunday and I think that he really enjoyed the celebration. He was showered with great gifts and we sang “Happy Birthday” to him many times.

Believe it or not, I’m still trying to find room in my budget to repair the computer that I do my editing on, I’ve been without photoshop for 7 months now so these photos are likely a mess of white balance issues. I’ve still been taking DSLR photos once in awhile but editing them on my phone in Snapseed.

My boy is five…I’m so happy to be able to say that!!





He still adores bubbles. Maybe a little too much?





You can click on any photo to enlarge, not sure what size they are since I am posting from my phone today.

School’s out for summer… do you have any plans?

2 thoughts on “Birthday (part 2)

  1. I am so glad his birthday was so fun for him! I know exactly what you mean about the fog. I hate it. But, I wanted to mention that we recently started Abbey on coq10 and B2 supplements and we have seen HUGE progress (increased cognition and communication, more age appropriate play skills and chewing and swallowing food). I am praying it lasts and it’s not coincidence. Maybe it is something to look I to and discuss with his drs.


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