2 aug 2013

Corrigan brought home a little bean plant at the end of the school year, he “planted” the bean himself in class and we re-potted it once it outgrew the empty yogurt cup it was originally in. Surprisingly, it is quite the producer and Corrigan has been able to watch as his plant has grown and thrived.

There’s just something about local produce that is so aromatic! The strawberries in my Mother-in-law’s yard are so red and juicy that when I pluck them from the bush, I can smell their amazing aroma well before the berry reaches my mouth. They’re red all of the way through, as opposed to the store produce that have a white core and little scent.

The same with these locally grown apples and peaches that were gifted to us yesterday…these peaches are so aromatic that I could smell them when I walked out of my bedroom this morning. And my bedroom isn’t even close, or on the same floor, as the kitchen!


(DSLR shot. Once in awhile I break out the big girl camera!)

The apples are smaller but have the perfect crunch and the peaches, while smaller than the ones in the big box store too, will drip down my arm at the very first bite and taste ahhhh-maaaazing.

I’m going to miss the summer produce season. I can’t believe it is August already! I do love Autumn though-pumpkin flavored everything and the cooler weather a good excuse to make thick and creamy (fattening!) soups. Also,  Mark’s delicious homemade chai tea! And sweaters, and falling leaves and the smell of chimney smoke in the neighborhood.  Okay fine, I am ready for Autumn. Just a few more peaches, please!

Is 2013 flying by for anyone else?

Your comments are appreciated!

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