rescue the bunny!

Yesterday I had to run something over to Corrigan’s school and nearly had a heart attack when I saw a fire truck parked in front of the building. Thankfully, those good men were there for fire awareness education and I knew Corrigan would be so excited. So glad that I sent him back to school yesterday!

He hopped off of the bus with a plastic firefighter helmet in hand and played with it all evening. This morning, the first thing he said to me when I walked into his bedroom was “FIRE RESCUE!” and he ran downstairs to find his helmet. His speech was so clear as he excitedly ran to find his firetruck and when he ran over to me and yelled “FIRE!” and I said “Where????” and he yelled “THE BUNNY!!!!!”

The bunny? I have no idea.

His bus arrived and he had to leave his fire helmet behind but when he gets home, I’m going to blow his mind.

photo (84)

Daddy and Corrigan are going to have so much fun playing RESCUE tonight!

ETA: awww!


4 thoughts on “rescue the bunny!

  1. Hi Corrigan and his mom

    I came across your page.
    Your smile just shines, you are a brave warrior, smilen champ, courageous fighter, determined inspiration, and a real super hero. you are full of life, smiles, and spunk. I am praying for you, thinking of you, you are in my prayers, thoughts and in my heart. I send you lots of hugs, smiles, friendship.

    I was born with a rare life threatening disease I have 15 other medical conditions and developmental delays. I have been told I won’t live long, but I am still here. I have almost lost my fight four times, and I kept fighting and I am still here. I have had 33 operations.


    • Jenna,
      Thank you sooooo much for stopping by and sharing a bit of your story, but most of all, your ENCOURAGEMENT! It sure can be a tough road, but absolutely worth working hard and fighting for! I will come over and visit your blog tomorrow, after I get some sleep tonight. I appreciate your message for Corrigan and hope that one day he can read all of them and understand how many people were cheering him on!



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