53 days later…

He only had 6 days of his Junior year under his belt when disaster struck. He took an insane course load, understanding that this is the school year that really means the most for colleges, and despite our concerns that he would buckle under the weight of too much, he insisted.

Then the bottom fell out just days after it all began, and he spent 12 days hospitalized from a large lung abscess and weeks fighting back to full-strength.  The hospital social worker made calls to his school to explain his situation and she told him that his teachers were willing to work with him, give him the time he needed, cut him a break here or there, well…those things didn’t really end up happening, and instead he did it all himself.

Without classroom instruction he made up all of his back work, all the while focusing on the current stuff (notes, studying, nightly homework, exams), coming home at 3:10pm and working all the way up until 9 or 10 at night. Every single night. Weekends were not a time to rest, I was simply exhausted just watching him work.

And it paid off, by golly. That boy looked at me the day he went back to school and said, “This isn’t going to affect my grades, mom” and walked into the building.  He meant it and worked for it and yesterday all of his teachers finally posted grades online.

Straight A’s.  Again.

If ever anyone had the chance to slack off a bit…raise their hands in surrender and settle for a few B’s. Or heck, even a “C” or two, it was Connor. We would have certainly understood and given not a bit of grief to him about it.  But that wasn’t good enough for Connor, he wanted it, so he worked for it.

I am so proud of him for his fierce determination in the midst of his body still fighting an intruder and recovering from the affects.  He persevered. I’m just not sure where he got that focus from, but I sure hope that it serves him well in life.

photo (94)

(Being silly and posing for me on dance night)

Oh, and that abscess? 53 days after the whole thing began, his doctor called me with the news, he was healed!  His lung still shows a bit of cloudiness in the lower lobe, but all inflammatory markers are perfectly normal and his labs are great.  No more antibiotics. No more stress. The mass is gone and there is nothing to do but celebrate now.

Celebrating health and healing along with success from a job well done.

Way to go Connor.

You’re amazing.

4 thoughts on “53 days later…

  1. Amazing work! He’s going to go far in whatever field he chooses.
    If we won’t se you at an NUCDF confrence we*ll see you in Stockholm when Connor recives his nobelprice 😉

    Hugs from Sweden


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