Weekend November 2013

On Saturday evening we made it out of town to spend time with friends from church for a hayride and bonfire.  It was Corrigan’s first hayride and big brother kept him on his lap the entire ride, much to the chagrin of the circulation in his long legs.

Completely random shot that I should have probably scrapped but I like it. I wonder what distracted them?
hayride bros

Connor joined in on a game of touch football while Corrigan climbed in and out of a parked 4-wheeler cart thingy. Over and over and over again, he insisted on climbing up into the seat , sitting for only two seconds, then jumping back down to the ground. I think that he focused on that vehicle because he remembered riding in it last Fall and it was a “constant” that helped him feel safe in a new situation.

He would not leave it to sit by the fire, or talk with others and his chirping and flapping was out in full-effect.  I had hoped that Corrigan would run and play with the other little kids this year, maybe not perfect interaction, but a sort of parallel play out in the fields, but he instead turned inward.  Maybe next year!

photo 1 (8)

It was still nice to be out of the house and feel like a regular, social human being for a few hours! It is so beautiful just a few miles outside of the city limits, it wouldn’t break my heart to live someplace like this forever.

(all photos can be viewed larger by clicking on each)
photo 2 (6)

When I look out of my window, I only see big rigs and people engrossed in their cell phones waiting on the light to change. Oh to be able to look out of my window and see this instead…

photo 3 (4)

photo 1 (7)

We all slept well that night and the next day we had family visiting from out of town and a birthday party on Sunday evening where Corrigan was perfectly behaved and very patient. We were able to visit with Monika and family for more than three hours! THAT, my friends, is a success!

Happy Birthday Monika!
monika bday 2013

Weather reports are showing a light dusting of snow this evening, bring it on!

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