Small Update and Photo Post (scheduled admission January 2014)

As you know, I like to dump my cell phone photos from each admission into a post so that they are all archived by date. This admission was scheduled and, if all of the lab results roll in this morning (from blood drawn four times yesterday) and verify what the doctor believes to be the cause of his amino-issue, we should be back in Western Maryland sometime this evening. Fingers crossed!

This stay went better than I expected, considering that we chose to remain in our closed room for the full four days, rather than risk Corrigan catching something out in the general population (labs show his immune system is working a little low right now) so it had some trying moments as my active little boy fought boredom but overall he did what he always does- impressed me.

There was a brief moment of oh my word last evening, literally just minutes before his bedtime, when I told him that he could not share my tiny couch-bed for the night (it is 28 inches wide, *I* am far wider-let alone adding a child to the space) and he did not appreciate that news.  Thankfully he was seated when he threw himself forward in a tantrum but he cracked his head on metal sill of his beloved window.

The blood, oh mylanta the blood.  Long story short, bedtime was postponed as little man needed a solid hour of scream-crying and some liquid stitches but I think he learned a very hard lesson about tantrums. Or not.  The amount of attention he has received already this morning, from the lady nurses that heard about his accident and came in right away to check on their man has been hysterical. I told him that women dig guys with scars, especially an eyebrow scar and the nurses have proven, once again, Mommy ain’t a liar. ha.

Aside from that bit ‘o drama, he was well-behaved, in good spirits and a great person to be stuck in a hospital room with for four days. Here are most of the photos I took this week-as always, iPhone photos edited mostly with Pic-Tap-Go or my newest favorite photo-editing app, Mextures.

All of these have been shared online, so you’ve probably already seen them, except for the last one. My sweet boy.

2014 hopkins january

photo 1 (15)

photo 3 (11)


photo 3 (10)

Did you notice? Someone recently lost his first tooth!
photo 4 (1)

photo 2 (12)

photo 2 (11)

photo 1 (14)


6 thoughts on “Small Update and Photo Post (scheduled admission January 2014)

  1. Poor littlest man! I know it was painful but I hope he remembers that tantrums *hurt*!! I’m crossing fingers that this is the answer you’ve been waiting for! xoxox


  2. Hoping to get good lab results, Aimee thinks that looks like the same hospital she goes too, I told her it was quite a bit farther away than hers… I love his smile what a sweetie!


    • Thank you Ms. Beth! we made it home last night, but Old Man Winter kept him home another day after all! They fixed him up perfectly, let’s hope it sticks!


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