We made it home last evening, after an afternoon of frustrating delays, and I am delighted to share that Corrigan’s labs were absolutely perfect at discharge.  I am thankful for a doctor willing to take on the challenge and get to the bottom of my boy’s amino acid issues.  There really was no other way to discover what we did with this hospitalization, other than to admit us and draw labs many times a day.  It was long, boring and both Corrigan and I have had our fill of hospitals, but we powered through together and came out of the hospital all fixed up and good as new. Well, at least until a virus or growth spurt messes it all up again!

Little man is happy to be home, had a great night sleep in his own bed and is enjoying rediscovering all of his Christmas toys again.  School was cancelled due to winter weather this morning, but I was not going to send him today anyway, so we are hanging out in our pj’s and enjoying the feeling of freely moving around a space larger than a bedroom!

Have a lovely weekend!

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