21 January 2014

Approximately 5.62345 minutes after I hit “publish” on my previous blog post, Corrigan threw up and then became progressively sicker as the evening went on. That’s what I get for declaring that he had “beat something” easily. He doesn’t have a stomach virus, but because of his oral aversions the accumulating phlegm from his chest cold chokes him when caught in his throat and also makes his stomach feel gross and causes him to vomit. Once he throws up, he is nearly instantly better for an hour or so. I haven’t had any neurological concerns that would lead me to take him to the ER for an ammonia level, but after 5 days of losing at least one feed to vomiting, I know that he could tumble over into something dangerous and end up in the hospital again, so I am on high alert.

sick day

(photo taken shortly after getting sick again-my poor couch is going to need professionally cleaned after this week!)

He is on a book kick right now, his favorite being the one in the above photo. It is a book that follows the story line from ToyStory and has tons of words that he will not let me read to him because apparently allowing your mother to read to you is treason or something and must never be allowed. He instead drags it all over the house, sitting criss-cross-applesauce wherever the mood hits him, and spends a really long time staring at each page.   This afternoon, after his lunch fiasco and bath, he hoarsely asked “A ToyStory DVD?” so I popped it in and he ran off to find his book.

He spent the entire movie carefully watching for each scene that was in his book, slapping the page happily when one matched up, and whispering the movie dialogue.  Right after I took the photos, he climbed up onto the back of the couch and accidentally dropped it behind the radiator. There were tears and yelling but the laryngitis really put a dent in the audio part of a tantrum, so he threw a few pillows and stomped off upstairs.

He is still playing and acting pretty much himself, but I will find him on the couch more than normal, so I know his energy level is a little low.  We had another snow day today, and one yesterday, along with MLK holiday on Monday, so I suppose his timing has been perfect on this sick stuff.  I am hoping he starts to recover, especially his tolerance for his tube feeds, very soon.

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